Stringer (2022)


Outline Studios is shooting their next independent fiction feature film from July 5th – August 22nd of 2021 (the dates have been updated due to Corona situation). The working title is “Stringer” and it is an action movie. It is a joint passion project of director Márton Jelinkó and stunt coordinator Oula Kitti who have been developing the project for a few years now. The team has successfully filmed a demo segment of the movie and continuing after the proof of concept piece, Outline Studios is launching the production of the full movie.

Márton Jelinkó’s previous two features (“Pystyssä/Indebted” and “Lunastus/Guilt”) have received a wide international festival distribution and awards, they have been in Finnish cinemas around the country and can now be found on Elisa Viihde. 

Anna is a traumatized ex soldier with some specialist training, trying to make a living as an emergency services videographer, a stringer. She stumbles upon a joint CIA-Interpol undercover operation and records how the Interpol agents are murdered by an unknown assailant. The CIA agent in charge, Jeffers, sees Anna and thinks that she is the killer. Driven by guilt for pushing too aggressively for the operation and a need to vindicate himself, Jeffers puts everything into pursuing Anna, who in turn needs to unravel the conspiracy behind it all to clear her name. As things unravel, they both become scapegoats for the international conspiracy behind it all and they need to join forces to survive it.

Directed by Márton Jelinkó​
Script Márton Jelinkó​ and Jerker Beckman
Stunt coordinator 
Oula Kitti

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